In September of 1855, under Mayor Lucas Rallis, the construction of a “Maiden School” was announced. The plan would be financed with a donation of 20.000 drachmas. The City Council of Piraeus accepted unanimously the unknown donor’s funding, and also his terms:

1. The school should remain a «Girls» school for good.

2. A marble statue of Adamantios Koraes should be placed inside the school.

3. Above the entrance of the building a marble plate should be placed with an inscription on it, as follows: «Maiden School founded at the expense of (vacant) under Mayor Loucas Rallis, 1885».

4. In case of violation of the donation’s terms , the donation would  be cancelled and  all the rights should be transferred to heirs.

The school was perfectly located at the crossroads of the central Peiraeus, on the corner of Polytechniou and King George streets.

In 1856 the construction started but it was far from completion, since the money was not enough. The donor eventually made his identity known. It was Iakovos Rallis, the mayor’s relative, a resident of Constantinople (Istanbul) . He would grant another 10.000 drachmas for the completion of the work. The City Council accepted the offer again.

In 1919 the municipality funded  «Ralleios Teachers» Traiming College shared lodgings with the school. In 1939 the school was renamed as: «Ralleios High School for Girls» and «Ralleios Teachers Training College». Then the municipality was released from its obligation to maintain both of them. In1968, under Mayor Skylitsis, the ownership of the building was called into question.

In December 1971 a consultation was held under the chairmanship of Pattakos (one of the dictators of the Greek junta), which resulted in the decision that the school should move from its natural place of origin. In the same year, Ralleios Teachers’ Training College was closed down, through a legislative degree, and its property was passed to «Ralleios High School for Girls» by right.

On November 22, 1972 the school was temporarily hosted by Ionnideios School, because of the unsuitability of its building. On March 31, 1973 the school returned to its original place again. Since 1973 the struggle for the Ralleios’ housing in Koraes Square has been keeping up without any success, for all that.

Meanwhile, the building in Kolokotronis st. was considered as unsuitable and after a great many and continuous struggles on the part of the Parents’ Association, principals as well as the students, the school was relocated in the skyscraper in 2-4 Akti Poseidonos from 1996 to 2005 when it moved to another building, in Karaiskou str, 147.

Meanwhile, in 2009 the new building of Gymnasium and Lykeion Schools was under construction in an area among Lambrakis, Piraeus, Eponiton, Phokaeas and Sarantaporou Streets.

On May 5, 2014 after a great many delays- the contractor of the building plan had been replaced- the inauguration ceremony took place by Minister of Education Mr. K. Arvanitopoulos.

On March of 2016 – 45 years after school’s removal from its historical place in Koraes Square- the new cluster of buildings determined to house both Gymnasium and Lykeion was taken over. Since March 21, 2016 the Gymnasium is in operation in Eponiton Street.