Ralleio High School for Girls (Gymnasium) of Piraeus has been housed in its new establishment on the crossroads of Peiraios and Eponiton Streets (opposite the Statistics Service- Dodecanissou Street’s extension ever since). The whole structure consisting mainly of three buildings (Gymnasium, Lykeion and Amphitheatre) is environmentally friendly.

The above building comprises up-to-date heating and cooling systems of low energy consumption. Photovoltaic installations on the roofs are for use and the water is saved and reused, as well.


On the ground floor there exist Administration space with staff offices, Technology Lab, Robotics space, (attendant’s space), Canteen, Bathroom facilities, Shed within the grounds of the main building etc.

On the first floor there exist seven classrooms, two for foreign languages, Arts and Crafts classrooms and Science Lab.

On the second floor there exist six classrooms on innovative Activities classroom, a Computer Studies Lab, Music classroom and Library.

In the basement there exist parking and outbuilding spaces.

Around the building there exist the school yard, playground benches and open green space. For more details please visit to browse our video: Ralleio Gymnasium for Girls of Piraeus: 1855 until today

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Computer room

Robotics room

Technology room

Chemistry lab

Music room

Artistic room


Basketball and volleyball court